About Book

This book focuses on Software Development using Assurance Driven Design Framework and discusses concepts and techniques that can be applied to effectively design and develop mission critical software systems. It covers critical requirements such as Safety, Security, Availability, and Reliability while developing any critical software system and also talks about requirements analysis, architecture design, module level design, coding and functional validation. This is the first and only book that has provided practical examples on Assurance Driven software design and also covered review of relevant research papers and standards.

  • Book Title : Assurance Driven Software Design

  • Author : Dr. Dipak Gade

  • Publisher : AEPH, Bangalore, India

  • Edition : First, July 2020 ( Low Priced Edition for India Region)

  • Type : Paperback, 196 Pages

  • ISBN-13 : 978-9388805780

  • ISBN-10 : 938880578X

  • Language : English

  • Price : Rs. 490/-, Discounted Price, MRP : 850/-Rs, Postal Charges : 75/-Rs. within India

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